Hypnosis with Michael O’Hanlon

Practitioner : Michael O’Hanlon

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a powerful and effective way of changing the thought patterns within our subconscious mind. Many of these subconscious beliefs cause us to behave in ways that can harm our health, like smoking or overeating etc.

In hypnosis, the therapist deliberately induces an open and receptive state of mind in the client, during which you become extremely aware allowing positive statements to be inserted, replacing old negative unconscious beliefs and thought patterns.

Hypnosis is designed to effect long term positive change in your life. It should not be confused with stage hypnosis which is a performance art, not a healing medium.

Who will benefit from Hypnosis? Anyone who needs helps with the following issues or health problems :

Quit Smoking; Lose Weight; Fears/Phobias; Panic Attacks/Anxiety/Stress; Depression; IBS; Pain Control; Alcohol/Drug Issues; Insomnia; Nail Biting; Hair Pulling; Blushing; Attention Deficit Disorder; Non-Organic Male Impotence; Self Confidence; Motivation; Pain Free Childbirth; Eating Disorders; Asthma; Enuresis (bed-wetting); Skin Disorders; Sexual Problems; Stuttering/Stammering; Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Pain; Poor Self Image; Social Fears; Fear of Intimacy; Childhood Trauma; Migraines; ME; OCD; PTSD; Anger Management; Colitis; Sweating; Nightmares; Shyness; Allergies; Thumb Sucking; Hypertension; Tinnitus.

What happens in a Hypnosis session? You are guided into a state of mental and physical relaxation. You will not be asleep but rather in a heightened state of awareness. Acceptable suggestions will then be given to your subconscious mind to help you change your old thought patterns to the new patterns you wish to achieve.

Each session is tailored to individual client need and therapist Michael also uses his wonderful skills of meditation and spiritual healing to enhance your hypnosis session, delivering a truly holistic approach.

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