Ki Massage

Practitioner: Joe Fox

What is Ki Massage? Tension, stress and the pressure of modern living all combine to diminish the flow of energy or ‘Ki’ in us. Ki Massage is a specific type of massage therapy, which uses energy to ease away stress and tension from the client’s body, enabling the therapist to work at a much deeper and effective level than physical touch alone.

The specific type of deeper tissue massage that Joe performs allows him to get deep into the muscles without causing you discomfort. Also, because Ki Massage works at an unconscious level, it delivers benefits not immediately in the conscious mind of the client. Huge long-term benefits can be gained from a course of Ki Massage.

Benefits of Ki Massage:

  • Tremendous benefit in chronic cases like frozen shoulder etc.
  • Relaxes the body and calms the mind
  • Improves muscle and skin tone
  • Increases the natural healing capacity of the body
  • Helps prevent and break down deposits of waste products and toxins
  • Helps fat deposits to break down while stimulating the formation of firm tissue
  • Elicits total relaxation, increasing your energy and concentration
  • Improves breathing, removing tightness from the ribcage and diaphragm
  • Enhances recovery from injury

What happens in a Ki Massage session? Massage is the art of manipulating the tissues of the body. Ki Massage re-establishes massage as part of an holistic approach to life. As well as being extremely relaxing, the flow of Ki from the therapist benefits your whole mental outlook. After the session you can experience an immediate feeling of well-being and energy, even euphoria. There is a feeling of looseness in the body and movement can appear almost effortless

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