Psychic Readings with Anita Phardway

Mediums are ordinary people who have developed their natural psychic ability to enhance their communication with the spirit world.

Born in India and raised in the UK, Anita Bhardway is a very powerful and sought after Spiritual Medium, providing psychic readings and guidance to clients who travel from all over Ireland and Great Britain. Her sessions have opened the minds of even the most ardent skeptics.

Anita works only from spirit through spirit and is guided to give whatever information is relevant at that particular time to each individual client.

Those who have passed over before us continue to love and help us as we carry on our paths through life. Connecting with their deceased loved ones is often a catalyst for tremendous spiritual growth for Anita’s clients, resulting in the creation of much love and happiness in their lives. ‘Evidence’ of after death existence is passed through Anita from her clients’ deceased relatives to comfort them, or in some cases to caution them about their current behaviours or their long-term health.

Experiences of tremendous healing and letting-go are evidenced in these sessions, particularly when an apology from the deceased is communicated through Anita for actions they may have engaged in while on earth.

Anita also practices Facial Reflexology, Angel Therapy, Past Life Healing and Spiritual Healing.

Click here or call +353 59 9724298 / +353 87 9504041 to learn about forthcoming dates and availability for Anita’s Psychic Readings. Sessions book out quickly, so early booking is advised.